CJ Woods – New Discovery

New Discovery

Date Published: Sep 19th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 56 Images

Meet CJ Woods, a blonde southern belle from Kentucky–born and raised–with an accent that could melt steel and a sexy, plump body that can get you as hard as steel. This is her first time at XL Girls because we’ve been #1 with new discoveries since the beginning. Southern gals are always welcome!

CJ was browsing the internet and saw She didn’t say if she was looking specifically for XLGirls or if she just found it by accident. If she did find it by accident, it was destiny that she would apply and, before long, take her clothes off and show her lush, 40DD-cup tits and chubby charms.

“I always wanted to be a model,” says CJ. “I never was one, but when I saw XLGirls, I thought, ‘Yeah, I can do this. I’m going to try.” CJ did and now she’s here!

We’ll be seeing more of CJ Woods and in hot boy-girl action!

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CJ Woods – New Discovery

New Discovery

Date Published: Sep 19th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 10:16 Minutes

Meet CJ Woods. Her southern accent alone will melt the cockles of your heart and harden your cockles, so imagine what CJ’s big boobs can do to ya if she shoved them in your face! She’s a sexy southern blonde with a plush body built for fun.

CJ is brand-new at XL Girls but from checking out her moves in this debut scene, she looks like she’s been modeling here for a long time. She says her breasts are a 40DD-cup size yet they look much bigger than a DD. Study CJ carefully as she knocks one out of the ballpark, giving her big ‘uns a good rubdown and her pussy a good spanking.

CJ saw and checked out who we are, what we do and how to apply for a modeling gig. Our studio staff took care of the rest! We will be seeing much more of CJ in the months ahead because XL Girls is #1 in New Discoveries.

Welcome, CJ Woods!

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CJ Woods – Meet CJ

Meet CJ

Date Published: Sep 19th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 08:43 Minutes

One of TSG’s editors intercepts new discovery CJ Woods in the lobby and sits down with her for a get-to-know-you chat before CJ enters the hallowed hall of hooters aka The SCORE Group studio.

Sexy modeling had crossed CJ’s mind more than a few times but she says the opportunity wasn’t there. When this busty mom saw, she read the Model Search page and sent in some at-home snaps the studio and the editors need to see. CJ didn’t expect such a fast response but before she knew it, she was flying to the Sunshine State for the first time.

CJ did not wear the low-cut pink top she sports in this chat. The male passengers would have gone crazy. But she does like to wear titty tops.

“This is probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever done,” says CJ.

Take it away, CJ and welcome to

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CJ Woods – Dressing Room Snaps

Dressing Room Snaps

Date Published: Sep 19th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: Information Not Available

This is a quickie Bonus snap set of New Discovery CJ Woods showing her arrival at these hallowed halls of hooters–from her grand entrance to getting dolled-up for her first photo shoot and video. Alongside this is a video of CJ chatting with a TSG editor about what led her to model for the very first time and how she found XLGirls.

CJ’s a busty mom from Kentucky and she has loads of southern charm. She says she’s a 40DD but the last time she was fitted, she went with a 38DD bra.

CJ says she is at a point in her life when she can do this and she really wants to do it because it’ll make her happy and she doesn’t care how people feel about it.

Let’s break it down.

First-time modeling. First-time modeling nude. First time nude in front of people she isn’t having sex with. Never been a nudist or naturist. Never been to a nude beach.

Yup, XLGirls is the place for CJ.

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Bailey Santanna – Special Tits & Tugs Special Tits & Tugs

Date Published: Sep 18th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 40 Images

There’s nothing quite like blasts from the past. Especially when that blast from the past is Bailey Santanna, one of our most-popular XL Girls of all-time. Bailey Santanna debuted with us in 2002 as a fun, flirty 23-year-old redhead. Because she was a student at the time, we didn’t think we’d see Bailey again after her first shoot. She had her sights set on a career in fashion design and modeling was just a quick spell of fantasy fulfillment–though she did take her first shoot seriously.

“When I do anything, I do it properly and completely,” she said then. “Whether it’s cleaning or posing, I give it my all.”

And just as quickly as she came she was gone. Bailey wouldn’t return until 2008, but this time she was ready to pop her hardcore cherry. She would go on to be featured in best-sellers like K-Jugs and Preggos & Milkers, and this scene with our cocksman Juan Largo, was one of her first tits and tugs scene.

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Bailey Santanna – Special Tits & Tugs Special Tits & Tugs

Date Published: Sep 18th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 16:59 Minutes

You could say this scene featuring the always lovely Bailey Santanna is one she was tailor made for. Before she returned to shoot with us in 2008–she originally debuted at 23 in 2002–Bailey studied fashion design at the West Coast Fashion School. In this now-classic scene, she’s the bustiest seamstress on the planet. With her boobs pouring out of her overmatched top, Juan Largo walks into her shop and asks if she can help him with his inseam, which is a bit tight in the crotch. She can do much more than that.

“Looks like you need a little work done down there,” Bailey says, eyeing his crotch. “I’m going to have to measure your inseam if that’s okay.”

Bailey realizes that the reason the inseam is so tight in the crotch area is because Juan’s cock is so big. This isn’t a problem Bailey comes across too often, but she knows just what to do in this situation.

“I’m just going to work on this a little bit so I can get a really accurate measurement,” she says with her hand holding onto Juan’s huge cock. “We don’t want to make your pants too small, you know.”

Bailey’s services begin with a handjob. She starts with one, but Juan’s cock is so big she’s soon using two.

“I think I may need a third hand for this one,” she says. “It just keeps growing.”

When Juan’s cock is nice and hard, Bailey places it between her heavy naturals for a tit-fuck, smothering his mammoth meat. Eventually, they move over to the couch–Bailey laying down and Juan on top–for another tit-fuck. You can barely see his cock when it’s stuffed in between Bailey’s heavy hangers and she tugs harder and harder as Juan inches closer to blowing his load. When he does finally blow his load, he bastes her breasts with a flood of juice.

Juan came in for his inseam, but it’s Bailey who’s left covered in semen.

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Lavina Dream – Living Room Dream

Living Room Dream

Date Published: Sep 17th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 70 Images

Here’s an XL Girl who is every inch a living dream. Lavina Dream became the walking wet dream for many since she was discovered for XL Girls. This photo shoot (and its video version) was shot in a swanky villa on the coast of the Dominican Republic–one of two villas we secured for a series of shoots in Puerto Plata’s Altos de Cofresi.

Here Lavina cums again in her tight sweater and tighter jeans. We love her sexy big boobs and her plump ass.

“The more I see Lavina the more I fall in love with her!” wrote Roberto. “She is simply the perfect plump girl! I will never get tired to say how damn hot she is!”

Lavina and fellow Romanian Roxanne Miller became bosom buddies upon arrival. They got down together in “Student Bodies” and showed their fun-loving side in “Battle of the Bra-Busters.” When the girls weren’t busy on-camera, they sunned, relaxed, had grand meals and explored the scenic areas around the villas. It was not just a photo shoot, it was a vacation while their home country was in the icy grip of winter. Nice!

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Lavina Dream – Living Room Dream

Living Room Dream

Date Published: Sep 17th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 15:27 Minutes

What is breast in life?

To be a member of XL Girls.

To enjoy all of the sexy babes who make it special.

To see Lavina Dream in all her glory wearing a tight sweater and tight pants walking down a flight of stairs.

To see Lavina take off those clothes while she speaks in her sexy Romanian accent.

Our camera takes the low ground and aims high as Lavina plays with her big beautiful tits, sucking her nipples and squeezing those gorgeous mounds of breast flesh. A sight that brings tears to an XL Man’s eyes.

“Yes…they are free now,” Lavina moans as she sinks her fingers into her soft tit meat and lolls her tongue at you. Her nipple-sucking and kissing make smooching sounds. No background music is needed to drown out those sounds and Lavina’s heavy breathing.

Lavina shakes her knockers, swinging them like bell clappers, the camera still aimed at her from the bottom of the stairs. This view is awe-inspiring and the breast action is dynamic. Lavina braces herself by pressing against the wall and the handrail and builds up speed. Her tits swing in a circular pattern and bounce against each other when they complete their arc.

And then Lavina takes off her jeans…

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Kelli Maxx – Kelli’s First XXX Scene

Kelli's First XXX Scene

Date Published: Sep 16th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 58 Images

Every day is an exciting one at our studios, but there’s always an extra buzz in the air when a girl is popping her hardcore cherry for the first time. Especially when it’s a special gal like HH-cupper Kelli Maxx. Curvy, cute and a tease, Kelli gave us a taste of how naughty she can be in her solo videos and photos–as well as a steamy girls-day-out video with the equally sexy and sensual Alana Lace–but wasn’t quite ready to go all the way. What changed for Kelli? Mostly just a bit more confidence and comfort after taking a dip in the XL Girls waters.

“I feel much more at ease,” Kelli said. “I’m not afraid of being naked in front of strangers and in front of cameras. I’m able to just let go and be myself and have fun.”

Today, our good friend Juan Largo is the beneficiary of Kelli’s new-found comfort. Kelli is still a newbie when it comes to fucking on-camera, though. What she lacks in experience, she more than makes up for in lustful enthusiasm, but we thought this was the perfect opportunity to let Kelli be dominated by one of our male talents. One of the most-hung and experienced cocksmen in our stable, Juan is just the man for the job. He takes control of this scene early as he fondles her heavy hangers before shoving his huge cock into her hungry mouth.

“I like to let things happen,” Kelli told us when we asked if she was typically passive or aggressive. “If I like something or want something, you’ll know it.”

With her moans growing with each Largo thrust of his hard cock into her tight pussy, it’s easy to see that Kelli is having the fucking time of her life here. He spends a good amount of time fucking Kelli doggy-style, her favorite position.

“It’s just the best,” Kelli says. “It hits the right spot every time. I always say it’s more about how a man uses his cock than the size–but of course I do love a nice, big cock–so if you’re fucking me the right way doggy-style, you’ll have me cumming all night. What’s better than that?”

Nothing that we can think of. The only question that remains as Juan continues to bang Kelli is where he should drop his cum shot. Creampies are always nice, and so would basting her heavy breasts with creamy jizz. But for Kelli’s first time, it has to be something special–a tasty facial.

They say you always remember your first time, and we’re confident Kelli will. And so will we.

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Kelli Maxx – Kelli’s First XXX Scene

Kelli's First XXX Scene

Date Published: Sep 16th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 20:01 Minutes

After my first time posing at XLGirls, I now feel more confident and less afraid to be naked in front of strangers,” says pretty brunette Kelli Maxx, now back and taking her first step into hot sex. “I’m able to perform with less direction.” Kelli’s a web-cam girl who was a newcomer to pro-modeling until she was courted by XL Girls.

Doing hardcore with a pro-cock is a first for sexy Kelli, a quick learner who takes things in her own hands and fucks beautifully in her first, very bone-raising XXX scene.

“So, I’m going to have sex on-camera for the very first time,” says Kelli, wearing a sheer negligee. “And his dick is really big and I think he might cum on my face. He might fuck my huge tits. Real excited. Kinda nervous.”

Largo greets Kelli. She’s been waiting, sitting on the bed. He makes a beeline for Kelli’s big boobs. Naturally. A guy would need the hands of a giant to completely hold her boobs. They talk about Kelli’s first time, her on-camera cherry pop.

“Gonna be nice?” Kelly asks.

Juan assures Kelli he will.

Kelli gets on her hands and knees and takes his massive member in her mouth, licking and sucking it. Largo takes Kelli’s tits out of her negligee to suck them and play with them. She squeezes her boobs together and massages his cock between them. Kelli removes her nightie completely and gets on her back for an epic tit-fuck. The brunette hottie’s got major talents she’s kept secret!

The next major event is on. Kelli gets on her hands and knees for her first fuck. Largo peels off her little panties, rubs Kelli’s pretty pussy and slides his beef in all the way and begins pumping. Kelli matches his thrusts with her hips. “So tight,” Largo says. The camera moves to Kelli’s face, lost in sex.

Kelli climbs on top to ride the buckin’ bronco. They switch speeds, from slow to fast and then slow again. Kelli gets on her back for a face-to-face. More hot positions await after this. Seeing Kelli get fucked every which way, her big heavy HH-cup boobs jiggling and shaking with every thrust, is an amazing sight.

Thank you, Kelli Maxx, for taking XL Girls where no man has gone before.

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