Dulcinea – Busty Masterpiece

Busty Masterpiece

Date Published: Sep 30th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 22:58 Minutes

Prepare to go insane. Prepare to telephone work and call in sick so you can spend the afternoon checking out New Discovery Dulcinea. She has a fantastic body, a beautiful face and great big boobs.

Dulcinea will explain the source of her name if it’s unfamiliar to you. “I have been told several times that I have a lovely name but oftentimes men do not approach me like that. I prefer to be hit on by women.”

You know at first glance that Dulcinea gets a huge amount of attention wherever she goes.

“Especially at the gym! I feel so feminine and I’m able to offer people something that is really sexually exciting. I always wear a bra and two at the gym to keep them in good shape.”

“My hobbies are art and design. In my spare time, I like to take and edit photos, work with graphic design, write and read.”

Dulcinea was actually looking for a job behind the camera utilizing those skills but she’s too special to not try modeling so she accepted XL Girls’ invitation as she explains in this video. When it comes to treating models well during their stay, the XL Girls studio is far superior to any schlock imitators.

You will be seeing much more of Dulcinea and in boy-girl action, coming soon.

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Dulcinea – Busty Masterpiece

Busty Masterpiece

Date Published: Sep 30th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 65 Images

Dulcinea is a busty masterpiece and the people at XL Girls are not just chasing windmills when they declare that. This first-time XL Girl will make you want to play hooky from work and spend all day on her debut appearance.

Dulcinea loves to be massaged, fingered and licked. She loves to be teased and says erotic massage and oral sex are perfect for her.

The brunette bra-buster is a swinger and says her hottest time was “At a club in their playroom with several other couples doing sex acts and many people watching. It felt like we were the only people in the room and, at the same time, like everyone was watching. I love that kinky thought that someone was getting off watching me!”

“I love eating out girls. My best experience was a threesome in missionary and the other girl between us. When I came, I just buried my head in her breasts. It was so amazing!”

Check out the beautiful face, body and big boobs of Dulcinea and after you’ve calmed down, head over to “Meet Dulcinea,” a video chat in the models’ dressing room. Stay tuned for more of Dulcinea coming soon (and cumming) in her first boy-girl scene at XL Girls.

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Dulcinea – Meet Dulcinea

Meet Dulcinea

Date Published: Sep 30th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 13:31 Minutes

Meet lovely Dulcinea. She doesn’t come from Spain. She comes from the aptly named City of Angels, Los Angeles, and this is her first time modeling. She chose XL Girls to make her debut because of our reputation for first-class treatment of our models. Dulcinea explains that she’s recently experienced a sexual awakening and a need to be more comfortable with her body. That’s why she’s trying sexy modeling.

With a gleam in her eyes, Dulcinea describes herself as “bubbly,” and a girl who likes to laugh. The kind who doesn’t take herself too seriously. The kind we call a GND or girl-next-door. The kind who endears herself to guys the second they see her.

You won’t learn everything there is to know about Dulcinea in this video-chat but you’ll get to know her as well as anyone can in a few minutes (not unlike speed dating). She mentions what’s in the cards at XL Girls so prepare now for Dulcinea’s first boy-girl scene coming soon! And it’s not with Don Quixote. Or Sancho.

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Danica Danali – Lady In Red

Lady In Red

Date Published: Sep 29th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 13:29 Minutes

“I’ve been a naughty girl,” Danica Danali says as this scene opens. “I should spank my ass…just a little bit.”

Or a lot. Danica has a lot to love, and she’s making direct deposits into our spank banks with each firm spank of her plush tush. Of course, this full-figured J-cup fox has been in our spank banks for some time now. She’s been a mainstay in XL Girls magazine and for years now, and we’ll never tire of watching her fondle those fun bags.

Danica’s spanking leaves her with light red streaks in her creamy white booty. Even a naughty girl deserves some play time, and Danica’s 38Js are perfect for play. After slipping off her sheer red outfit, she begins to fondle her tits and pinch her nipples.

“Let’s do some more spanking,” Danica says, her nipples now fully-erect.

Danica is getting herself very hot now, and she begins stroking her now-dripping pussy. She starts by diddling her clit, but soon she’s fucking herself with her middle and ring fingers. She fucks herself harder and harder until she pushes herself to an orgasm.

“That was fun,” she says coming down from her climax.

Naughty girls have the best type of fun.

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Danica Danali – Lady In Red

Lady In Red

Date Published: Sep 29th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 64 Images

Sometimes boob hounds like us are in need of a spanking. Danica Danali, she of the luscious L-cup tits, is just the gal to deliver the discipline we so deeply deserve. As we all know by now, this titillating Texan is one freaky chick. Typically, she prefers to be dominated, but today we thought it would be fun to let her explore a different side of herself.

“I’m usually very submissive,” Danica says. “Especially when I’m with men, but every now and then I like to take control. I’ll tie my man down now and then and work his cock and body for my pleasure. It’s a fun change of pace.”

Danica could tie us up every day if she wanted. Especially if she promised to smother us with her heavy tits, and then drown us in her pussy juices as she sits on our faces.

“I’m addicted to tit and nipple play,” Danica said. “My nipples are really sensitive and it seems like they’re always hard. The slightest touch wakes them up. I love it when a man kisses me while rubbing on my tits and pinches my nipples. It gets my pussy dripping wet.

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Kimmie Kaboom – Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

Date Published: Sep 26th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 24:23 Minutes

Kimmie Kaboom will make you go kaboom in your shorts.

It’s her first day on the XL Girls set and she says she’s looking forward to getting fucked. We love a bold and sexy woman who tells it like it is. It’s Kimmie’s first time having sex on-camera, a major event for any new model. We know without even seeing this that she will be awesome.

Kimmie is looking forward to being fucked from behind, one of her favorite positions. “Knowing that I’m being filmed makes me feel sexy and desired,” says Kimmie who admits to being nervous, something completely natural.

Tony D. is going to guide Kimmie through her first fuck. He sucks, kisses and squeezes Kimmie’s bigger-than-big 42H boobs and helps her undress. His hands cannot wrap entirely around Kimmie hooters. They are sensational.

Kimmie unzips him and takes his stiffy out. She slowly licks the head and balls, sensuously and erotically. Tony drives his skin-train through Kimmie’s titty-tunnel and bangs her boobs hard. His shaft practically disappears between her massive mams.

Kimmie lies back on the bed so Tony can bury his cock inside the blonde hottie’s tight and wet pussy, building up speed and depth to hammer her good, only stopping to lick her sopping-wet taco.

Kimmie holds her shaking breasts with both hands as her new fuck partner pounds her furiously. The room fills with the sounds of her heavy breathing and moaning. It’s a spectacular first sexing. Kimmie is in good hands as they try out different fucking positions.

Is Kimmie a spitter or a quitter? Find out in Sticky Kimmie, the first hardcore scene of this great new discovery!

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Kimmie Kaboom – Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

Date Published: Sep 26th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 70 Images

It’s a big day for Kimmie Kaboom and a big day for XL Girls. This great New Discovery is about to be filmed having sex for the first time. It’s 42H hooter heaven.

Kimmie admits to being nervous about it and that’s completely natural. The XL porn stud Tony D. has nothing but hard feelings about her and will teach her everything about sex on-camera.

What satisfies Kimmie best in bed?

“Having my pussy fingered and clit played with but I also like a nice hard cock in my pussy. I guess I like sex in general. It’s hard to pick just one thing!”

Like some SCORE and V-mag models, Kimmie is married to a very generous big boob lover and he encouraged her to pose for XL Girls. She is an “XL Girls wife,” like Jasmine Jones, Cameron Skye and several others.

“I would say I am assertive sexually. I mean I know what I want when I want it. But I can be very passive and let the guy take complete control. I have sex as much as possible, at least every morning or night. My husband is a very satisfied man!” Amen to that, Kimmie!

We will be asking Kimmie later on about her first sex scene at XL Girls. Now pardon us while we go kaboom!

Thank you, Kimmie Kaboom.

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Suzumi Wilder – Sexy & Sweet

Sexy & Sweet

Date Published: Sep 25th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 12:22 Minutes

There are a lot of things to like about Suzumi Wilder. She’s sweet, a gamer, an animal-lover and a biology student. But there’s one thing you should know about her that you may not know.

“I love anal sex” she said. “I think the best part about it is when the guy starts by licking your ass before he sticks his dick inside of you. I love having my ass licked, and the feeling of a nice, big cock sliding inside of your ass…it’s so good.”

We love every chance we get to have a chat with Suzumi. She’s always bubbly and talkative. Especially when the topic inevitably slides to sex. In this interview, Suzumi dishes on the first time she had anal sex, and why she’ll always be a butt-slut.

That’s just a bit of foreplay, though. All this talk has Suzumi’s pussy tingling, so she pulls her panties to the side and starts to play with her clit and finger her cunt.

“I want someone to fuck my ass,” she says sliding a finger in and out of her cunt. “I want you to fuck my ass.”

Suzumi lays down so she can fuck her ass while diddling her clit, her moans growing more intense by the second.

“I want your cock in my ass so bad,” she says. “I want your cum in my ass.”

As hot as Suzumi is here, the best is yet to come. She recently filmed some of the hottest anal content of the year. Be on the look out for it in the near future.

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Suzumi Wilder – Tag Her Tits

Tag Her Tits

Date Published: Sep 25th, 2014

Full Scene Duration: 03:35 Minutes

Suzumi Wilder is what we like to call a “H-erd.” For those unaware of the term, a h-erd is short for a hot nerd. Suzumi is into video games, role-playing and other interests of lovable geek-dom. So naturally, she jumped at the chance to play a busty intergalactic bounty hunter in this bonus scene. Needless to say, this is the role Suzumi was born to play.

“I’m Suzumi Wilder,” she says with a bright smile on her face as this Bonus video opens. “I’m earth’s only hope!”

And dressed like this, she’s our only hope to drop a heavy load.

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Suzumi Wilder – Tag Her Tits

Tag Her Tits

Date Published: Sep 25th, 2014

Full Picture Set Count: 46 Images

What kid didn’t love playing laser tag growing up? We sure did. And though we’re all adults now, we’re still big, boobie-loving kids at heart. Luckily for us, so is the lovely Suzumi Wilder in this Bonus set and video. At 25, this 40DDD babe has an affinity for role-playing games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy, so it isn’t rare to see her holed up in an arcade or cyber cafe for hours. And if she dresses to go to arcades and cafes like this, we’re fairly certain there’s a line pouring out the door and around the block to play go-around with Suzumi. Joysticks at the ready, of course.

Give these photos, and Suzumi’s perky tits, a look. Then head over to see the even hotter video version of the greatest game of laser tag ever.

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