Sara – Posing Makes Me Feel Good

Posing Makes Me Feel Good

Date Published: Apr 23rd, 2014
Full Picture Set Count: 70 Images

"I have never had sex with another girl," says Sara. "Is that something I should do? I would like to read some opinions about this. Or maybe me, another girl and a man? I have never had a threesome but I would consider it."

Sara's first magazine photo appears in XLGirls SP#269 September 2014. It's also the magazine debut of Maggie and the Ukraine's Antica. "This is what I would wear outside on a nice, warm day. When I first began modeling, I did not know I would enjoy it so much and how much I would enjoy the sex. Now I look forward to every photo shoot and I enjoy the people who make me look so beautiful. They are very talented and creative. It is a very good place to be for me. I would like to read more nice compliments and suggestions. I enjoy reading what the men and women write about me and I like to look at the models. They are so beautiful.

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Samantha – Samantha38G


Date Published: Apr 22nd, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 34:16 Minutes

Samantha38G's first appearance in V-mag was the Holiday 2001 issue. Since then Samantha's been in 25 TSG magazines and nine DVDs including two feature films based around Samantha, My Big Plump Wedding and K-JUGS.

"I always knew I could be a star, that I had that thing, you know," Samantha told one of our editors in 2007. "When you get into modeling, you're open about your sexuality and you're open with yourself, and that's the great part about it. But you know how judgmental a lot of the world can be and how guys like to separate girls into two distinct areas: your Gingers or your Mary Anns, the girls you want to fuck and the girls you want to marry. I'm a Mary Ann at heart, but I'm usually perceived as a Ginger because my sexuality is all most people know about me."

This Jackumentary includes several hardcore highlights, early solos, behind-the-scenes footage and an appearance on a holiday edition of SCOREtv.
Everyone should be confident in their own sexuality," advises Samantha. "I have always been confident.

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Ann Calis – New Discovery

New Discovery

Date Published: Apr 21st, 2014
Full Picture Set Count: 80 Images

Stunning new discovery Ann Calis likes to swim, practice yoga and play volley ball. She says her breasts developed young and many of her friends always talk about her perfectly shaped big boobs. When other girls in school were as flat as ironing boards, Ann was packing C-cups and growing.

Ann likes to masturbate in the shower with her hands, toys and the showerhead. For a first timer, she had no shyness whatsoever about shedding her clothes and doing herself up while the camera rolled. Ann was referred to TSG by a friend. When her test shots arrived, we knew immediately that we had a winner.

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Ann Calis – New Discovery

New Discovery

Date Published: Apr 21st, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 19:14 Minutes

Wow! Who's this lovely babe? She's gorgeous, brand spanking new and just seemingly dropped into our laps, a gift from the big boob gods. She is Ann Calis. Ann was referred to us by a friend of hers. She checked out and decided to join the party after looking at all of the hot babes at

"I need big bras," says Ann. "I usually have to buy them in a specialty store. My tops are low-cut because I like to be looked at. So I buy bras that push my boobs up."

Ann can easily suck her own nipples and does plenty of that in her first video. She enjoys a lot of nipple stimulation. Her pussy is beautiful. Ann spreads and uses her fingers to open it wide, spanking and tickling her clit while she tweeks her nipples for added pleasure. She wets her vibrator with her tongue and plunges it deep, fast and hard in and out of her cooch until she cums, then takes the toy out and licks it to taste her own pussy nectar.

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Sashaa Juggs – Foxy Flasher

Foxy Flasher

Date Published: Apr 18th, 2014
Full Picture Set Count: 85 Images

In the first few pictures, Sashaa shows off her bikini busting body. She puts on a trench coat and walks over to Tony to flash him. That's all it takes. He's all over her lusciously plump body, licking and sucking those big juicy melons. The taste and scent of Sashaa's flesh is intoxicating.

Tony buries his face in her vast cleavage and sucks on her nips. Sashaa wants the man-sausage and grips it firm to throat it. Her saliva drips over it as she gobbles it down. Sashaa loves to give head and squish cock between her love pillows.

"I go slow and keep it really wet and sloppy," says Sashaa. "And I can deep throat. I saw it in porn and tried it and got better with practice. I like to draw it out and have the guy begging me to cum, but I won't let him till I decide to finish him off. Then I swallow it all." Swallow his goo Sashaa does but first they want to play bury the boner. No power on earth could have stopped their carnal canoodling.

Sashaa is a total exhibitionist so she picked the right thing to do instead of living some mundane 9-to-5 existence. "That's why I wanted to dance and be in porn, because I love knowing that guys are watching me and thinking about fucking me. So because of that, I always get way into what I'm doing to get other people to react to me." React they do.

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Sashaa Juggs – Foxy Flasher

Foxy Flasher

Date Published: Apr 18th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 23:34 Minutes

Sashaa Juggs didn't walk out of a dirty movie theater in that trench coat. (Those theaters are long closed anyway.) Sashaa just wanted a reaction out of Tony when she dropped her coat to show him her body in a tiny bikini. She's too sexy for her coat. He makes a dive for Sashaa's gigantic breasts and worships them as they should be worshipped by her fuck partners.

Sashaa sits down to throat and tit-crush Tony's horn. Her deep cleavage engulfs him. Her loving licks are beyond randy. She opens her throat so he can fuck her mouth. She gags on it, the drool pouring out. Sashaa kisses and sucks his prick some more, her bright eyes widening in anticipation of a nasty, hard fuck.

Tony probes Sashaa's girl-box with his fingers, feeling her wetness. He lays her back on the couch, parts her legs and plunges in deep, fucking her front, back and sideways. Her body shakes as he fiercely pounds the blonde beauty. She urges him on to fuck her harder and harder. Sashaa wants his nut-jelly in her mouth. Some of it she eats. Some of it sticks to her chin and dangles like a cum goatee. Sashaa looks at the camera with deep satisfaction, knowing that countless guys want to do the same thing to her.

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Natalie Fiore – Titanic Ta-tas

Titanic Ta-tas

Date Published: Apr 17th, 2014
Full Picture Set Count: 80 Images

Natalie Fiore really appreciates her fans and she never fails to thank them for their support and loyalty. That's one of the reasons she wanted to model during her pregnancy. She could have stayed home until she gave birth.

Today, Natalie wants to moisturize her now-huge tits. They must be kept soft and smooth and hydrated. She'll need a very large bottle of skin cream for that activity. Natalie will also massage her baby bump until it shines. And finally she'll slip out of her skimpy panties and massage her clit and give herself a lady boner. Of course, she wants to share all of this because she's a sharing woman.

Slipping off her white blouse and her gigantic bra, Natalie squirts ample amounts of white cream on her breasts. She has a lot of territory to cover. Ah, to be able to lend her a hand or two and help her cream up. Then she rubs her bump, a dab of white cream pooling in her belly button. Natalie's rubs herself all over while she's flat on her back make her tits wobble. Her breathing deepens, her body tingles. Photo 75 is a particularly juicy fuck-me picture. Natalie's fingers make circles over her hardened clit until she has her gasm-spasm.

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Natalie Fiore – Titanic Ta-tas

Titanic Ta-tas

Date Published: Apr 17th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 18:41 Minutes

Natalie Fiore needs to do a lot of breast moisturizing due to her pregnant condition. That's the first thing Natalie does in this video. She is going to need a lot of body lotion to cover those now-gigantic gazongas!

Natalie slowly, on purpose, discards her white dress shirt and purple bra to heighten the anticipation and expectation. And that she does! She makes you anxious to see those twin mountains in all of their glory!

Natalie is a role model for other models because of the way she interacts in her videos and talks. She makes you feel as if you were right there in the room with her.

Dabbing globs of creamy white stuff on her big tits, Natalie rubs them good until her breasts shine. Then she lays back on the bed and gives her baby bump the same lovin' treatment.

Natalie kicks off her tiny panties. Her clit can also benefit from massage. It will harden at her touch and send waves of excitement coursing through her body.

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Marilyn Mayson – Best of XLGirls Threesomes

Best of XLGirls Threesomes

Date Published: Apr 16th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 52:15 Minutes

Two of's hottest threesome scenes in one go-to double feature: First, Molly Howard & Marilyn Mayson get down on it in an interracial threesome. The chemistry and sexual energy Marilyn and Molly share is exciting and super-horny. "Oh, you tear it up so good," Marilyn says while her fuck buddy bangs her. "You're deep in that little cunt. Oh, that pussy is yours." In part two, Marilyn takes on two studs and drains them dry. "Dear diary," Marilyn writes as she ponders her future mini-orgy with two cocksmen. "It's always been my fantasy to sleep with more than one man at a time. I've seen this in so many erotic films..." There will be no sleeping in this encounter, just raw, pure fucking and prick sucking.

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Sarah Rae – The Hot Store Clerk

The Hot Store Clerk

Date Published: Apr 15th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 14:11 Minutes

Who is that at the keyboard?

Of course, you know her. You love her, she's Sarah Rae.

"Welcome to Sarah Rae's Big Titty Boutique," ever-smiling Sarah says as she greets you to her store. "Where everything's a tight fit!" Sarah enjoys cosplay, and playing boutique salesgirl at XGirls is her idea.

"How can I help you," Sarah asks. "Are you looking for a bra for your girlfriend? Do you know what size she is? Is she as big as me?" Sarah pushes her twin miracles together for emphasis.

Sarah pulls her sweater open to show you the bra she's wearing. It's a sheer number that shows Sarah's wide areolae. How it supports her 34JJ's without ripping is a miracle of brassiere engineering.

By the time Sarah is done, you'll buy the store's entire inventory. This honey could sell heating pads in Saudi Arabia.

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