Skye Sinn – Busty Seductress

Busty Seductress

Date Published: Jan 11th, 2013
Full Picture Set Count: 55 Images

When Marilyn Mayson and Skye Sinn crossed paths in the XLGirls studio, they got friendly real fast as XLGirls often tend to do. They even hung out together in party town Miami later that evening. When Skye's first pictorial was posted, Marilyn wrote in the comment board, "She is so hot! I wish I would have fucked her when I had the chance! Maybe some day!" Compliments can't get better than that. Maybe one day that dream will come true. And longtime member Seth 1968 commented: "Another very beautiful model for TSG. I look forward to more especially since she likes masturbation and doing porn scenes...honey, that's awesome, we'll be waiting..." Well, the short wait is over for you horndogs as succulent Skye shows her bed-bouncing sexual talents in the bedroom in "Busty Seductress." What are her special talents? "No gag reflex," says Skye who can get most of Largo's sausage down her throat (as demonstrated at 7:35 into the video). The 38DDD green-eyed blonde and former Hooters waitress masturbates a lot. "I masturbate daily and every night to put me to sleep. I have around 12 toys. They all need to get used." Her fantasy is to have a "20-man or more gang bang with 8 inch cocks or bigger." And her kinkiest encounter? "Going to a swinger's club, my first experience ever." BJs: spitting or swallowing? "Swallow. Sometimes to be a dream come true I gargle, then swallow." We knew there were some special things about Skye Sinn. Show her the love and comment! She's here for you.

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Skye Sinn – Busty Seductress

Busty Seductress

Date Published: Jan 10th, 2013
Full Scene Duration: 21:09 Minutes

You met Skye Sinn in her first pictorial. Now comes Skye in her first XLGirls blind sex-date. Green-eyed blonde Skye Sinn changes into something more comfortable while Largo waits. Sexy Skye struts into the bedroom dressed to undress in a tight bustier with black stockings and garters. Is it someone's birthday? What a gift! She lifts up her short robe to give him a close-up look at her pinchable, impressive ass-cheeks, giggling as she teases him by playing with her garters, dropping them down, lifting them up. Skye's 38DDD melons tauntingly promise to spill over the top of her strapless bustier. The man is going to have a feast of tits and cans. He makes a bee-line for Skye's soft butt-cheeks. She turns around and he makes another dive for those big boobs. They release her treasures from their prison of fabric and Largo begins sucking on them like a baby. Skye climbs onto the bed on her knees, her fine, foxy ass waiting for male hands. Largo fingers her pussy from behind, then dips his finger into Skye's mouth so she can taste the sweet juicy flavor. Getting railed doggie is Skye's favorite fucking position but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Before this horny couple gets to bang-em style from behind, we need to see Skye swallow the cock and more. Welcome Skye Sinn with a hearty XL Man salute!

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Skye Sinn – They’re Real And Real Spectacular

They're Real And Real Spectacular

Date Published: Dec 31st, 2012
Full Picture Set Count: 73 Images

Meet Skye Sinn. Occupation: Hot Babe. Mission: To make you a hardened man.

And loving it.

Skye says the most fun job she's ever had was A) working as a Hooters waitress and B) doing porn scenes. Aren't you glad she feels that way?

Skye likes to go to the gym three-to-four times a week, play sports and go shopping (a hot chick hobby). She wears Frederick's of Hollywood Va-Va-Voom bras (for the full-figured woman) but otherwise Skye needs to bra shop on-line for the right look and size for her. "When I'm home, I don't wear a bra or when I go out with a corset on, no bras allowed."

"I developed real young and, yes, I was the bustiest girl in school," reveals Skye. "I wear corsets when I go out to draw all of the attention to my breasts. I get almost 100% of the attention because of my chest. I love it because they're the blessing of a lifetime."

"I masturbate daily and every night to put me to sleep. I have around 12 toys. They all need to get used!"

Stay abreast for more of Skye. Soon!

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