Scarlet LaVey – Creamin’ For It

Creamin' For It

Date Published: Mar 15th, 2014
Full Picture Set Count: 75 Images

Being on top of a guy and riding his dick is the best way for Scarlet LaVey to make her day. She loves the big cocks. On this day, Rocky has the honors of boning this horny brunette with huge boobs. Wherever Scarlet goes, all male eyes and a lot of jealous female peepers are glued to her chest. "My chest is a magnet!" says Scarlet. She is busty and proud of the attention it brings her. Scarlet's round and curvy ass is another attribute she should be proud of. When she's riding Rocky's hard dick in this scene, her big tits engulfing his face, her butt does a dirty dance, bobbing and twerking on his flesh-hammer, her mams quivering and bouncing. This is a hot chick who wants to fuck at least once a day, and Scarlet makes sure she does.

Scarlet loves it when "a guy rubs his boner all over my body." She likes rough sex, hard and fast. When she's getting fucked to her liking, Scarlet doesn't get into dirty talking. Her mind and body are focused on her partner's cock boring in and out of her pussy until she cums hard.

When guys cum in her mouth, she doesn't spit. "That's such a waste," says Scarlet. "I swallow like a good girl!" In this scene, Scarlet gets a cream pie filling inside her tight pussy-hole. There will be another time for a throat-full of cum.

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Scarlet LaVey – Creamin’ For It

Creamin' For It

Date Published: Mar 15th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 20:07 Minutes

Pretty Scarlet LaVey puts her book down and sticks her big boobs out when she sees Rocky hungrily eyeing her heavy chest. He wants some of that hooter action. Scarlet is not one to deny a horny dude a trip inside her cleavage. She pulls his head in closer for a deeper look. It's motorboating time.

Rocky feasts on Scarlet's tasty nipples, noisily slurping away. He and Scarlet make pleasure sounds. This is only the beginning. Rocky's hand heads south to Scarlet's waiting pussy. Slipping a finger inside her girl-hole, Rocky feels her wet candy-walls. He'll swap his finger for his cock soon but first Scarlet must be fed hard prick. Kneeling as Rocky stands, Scarlet plays a tune on his skin-horn, then offers her cupped tits so he can fuck that sexy cleavage. Rocky wants more lip-service so Scarlet sucks him deeply and hands-free.

Now it's time for their dirty ride. Rocky sits on the couch and Scarlet saddles up. Sitting on his stiffie, the brunette knock-out rides the bologna pony, first with her back to him. Scarlet dismounts and gives his dick a quick suck before riding him again, this time with her huge naturals in his face. Scarlet wants a load of nut-extract inside her pussy this time but their ride has a fun way to go before they arrive at cum-town!

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Scarlet LaVey – What Is Panty Stuffing?

What Is Panty Stuffing?

Date Published: Mar 2nd, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 07:50 Minutes

Wow! What a pair!

Of course we mean Scarlet LaVey's heavy breasts. We also mean the meeting of Scarlet and Angel DeLuca at SCORE. Now that's a peach of a pair. This is the first meeting of Angel and Scarlet, a historic event in our book.

Scarlet has heels on and Angel has flip-flops. They stand together and cuddle. Angel rests her head on Scarlet's 36H-cups and the tit show begins.

Angel mentions she has some freaky fetishes including panty stuffing. Panty stuffing? If you never heard of it, you're going to see it right now. Angel will show it step by step. First, she finds panties that have no rough parts like bejewelled areas or anything that will scratch the delicate parts of a girl.

Watch with Scarlet (who never heard of this practice and is fascinated) as Angel stuffs her panties all the way inside her pussy until they are gone. Completely swallowed by Angel's angelic vagina.

We're happy to have introduced two new friends to each other and to a future competitive sport.

Is the Guinness Book Of World Records ready for this?

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Scarlet LaVey – Killer Body

Killer Body

Date Published: Mar 2nd, 2014
Full Picture Set Count: 55 Images

What's the kinkiest thing anyone ever asked Scarlet LaVey to do? For a 21-year-old, she's had many sexual experiences on-and-off-camera.

"There's been a lot of kinky things," replies Scarlet, with a pensive expression. She's trying to recall the kinkiest act. "Probably a guy who asked me to jack him off while fingering his ass."

And the kinkiest thing that's gotten her motor racing?

"I don't know. Maybe guys dressing up for me really girly. I really like that. I like it because it's not supposed to be that way. I like anything that's considered wrong or bad. I'm drawn to that. Because it's not supposed to be like that."

What's the fastest way for Scarlet to orgasm? "Riding on top. That makes me cum the hardest.

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Scarlet LaVey – Curves Unlimited

Curves Unlimited

Date Published: Mar 2nd, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 14:21 Minutes

Does Scarlet LaVey like rough sex? "I like to have my hair pulled," says Scarlet. "I like being spanked. I like being choked sometimes. Nothing too, too crazy but I definitely like a little force."

"I like guys to get a little aggressive with my boobs. Because they're so big, they need strong hands. I like a good grasp." She digs her fingers into the front of her breasts as an example.

"I like using my boobs as weapons. I like to slap guys in the face with them. That usually surprises them. But it not going to hurt that bad."

"I love nipple biting. That's probably one of my favorites. I can also bite my own nipples," says Scarlet, holding her tit between her teeth and pulling.

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Scarlet LaVey – Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Date Published: Feb 21st, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 26:33 Minutes

Want to play with Voluptuous newcomer Scarlet LaVey? Boy, you're playing with fire if you do. You could get burned because Miss LaVey's huge tits and her fine, round tail are hot! Here's the proof in a new SCOREVideos scene. Scarlet LaVey is a super-sex goddess and yet she's so young, only a mere 21-years-old and a welcome new addition to V-mag as well as SCORELAND.

Even that bad girl outfit Scarlet's barely wearing looks dangerous. Scarlet beckons Tyler forward like the tit-queen she is. Her pert nipples demand fingering and licking. The brunette stunner lays back and opens her sexy legs wide. She has no panties on and her shaved sex-box awaits a finger-banging.

Her legs still scissored open wide so we can see her pink, slick pussy, Scarlet sucks on Tyler's shaft to the hilt. Scarlet can deep-throat big cock and gets it all in her mouth. He rubs his dick on her big boobs then returns it to her warm mouth for more sloppy, slurpy and noisy cock-smoking.

Those tits must be fucked. Tyler does the right thing by fucking them, feeding Scarlet the tip of his dick when it approaches her beautiful face. Had he not buried his cock insider her cleavage, there would be public protests to rival the situation in Kiev, Ukraine.

And now it's time to fuck this gorgeous young woman. Tyler opens Scarlet's stocking-covered legs wider and slides his stiffie, lubed by her mouth, into her tight, delicious cunt.

When you fuck Scarlet LaVey, you're fucking with fire!

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Scarlet LaVey – Hotter Than Hell

Hotter Than Hell

Date Published: Oct 24th, 2013
Full Picture Set Count: 60 Images

"I'm a model but I am also a dancer," says Scarlett LaVey who teamed up with Nikki Smith to double down on a stud in the wild and nasty XXX video "Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates." It was an excellent pair-up. They are both 38H bra-stuffers!

Would Scarlet wear this hotter-than-hell dress in public? She would need a bodyguard. Maybe two. Fast nipple access is one of its design features. Scarlet does it justice with those well-rounded curves she has.

"I danced ballet, jazz, tap and modern for most of my childhood and teenage years so I work out doing a lot of stretching and dancing. It helps to keep me flexible and keep my body in shape. There are a lot of routines that I do and a lot of moves that keep me limber and help me stretch out my back and legs and stuff. Dancing is actually really good for you because it keeps you flexible."

Flexibility counts whether Scarlett is holding a pose for a still camera or in a doggy-position riding the big boy. "It's hard to contain boobs when you are running around and jumping, but other than that, no. In fact, dancing really helped me with my posture and stuff. So I would say it never really bothered me to have boobs."

Tit-men are grateful for that!

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Scarlet LaVey – Motorcycle Mama

Motorcycle Mama

Date Published: Sep 21st, 2013
Full Picture Set Count: 70 Images

There's no motorcycle mama sexier looking or with bigger tits than Scarlet LaVey. This pictorial is offered as proof! Riding off to hot adventures between her tits and her legs? We'll go for that.

Scarlet is a classically trained dancer. "I danced ballet, jazz, tap and modern for most of my childhood," Scarlet said."I work out a lot with stretching and dancing. It helps keep me in shape and flexible." And in shape and flexible is what you get when you see Scarlet in the wild videos she has done for TSG.

Sex is Scarlet's favorite form of recreation, not biking. "I love when guys eat my pussy," says Scarlet who likes to get her freak on on-camera and away from the camera just as long as she has a great time doing it.

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Scarlet LaVey – Tattoo Exploration

Tattoo Exploration

Date Published: Sep 21st, 2013
Full Scene Duration: 11:08 Minutes

Scarlet LaVey is one of TSG's most inked models (with Dors Feline, Marilyn Mayson, Lolly Ink and Sabrina Linn). Scarlet got her first tattoo when she was 18 years old.

In this special video, Scarlet talks about the origin and personal meaning of some of her many tats. She describes the process of being tattooed and what it's like when she's on the artist's table.

What drew Scarlet LaVey to skin art and what drives her to delve deeper into this form of extreme body modification? What kind of tats and pictures does she like?

Why does she, like other tattoo enthusiasts, turn her body into a canvas for living art in the first place? What's behind her motivation and what draws her into the world of illustrated people? What body parts does Scarlet say she'll never tattoo?

These questions and more are answered by Scarlet LaVey in the special video Tattoo Exploration.

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Scarlet LaVey – Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates

Good Girl/Bad Girl Roommates

Date Published: Aug 16th, 2013
Full Scene Duration: 26:43 Minutes

Nikki Smith and Scarlet LaVey are two of the horniest and bustiest girls you could ever want to get a hold of. They have brought joy to uncountable T&A men in the short time they have been exposing their assets. Their tits are massive, solid works of natural art and they are so hot, you wouldn't need a radiator in the winter to stay warm, not with their tits and asses shoved in your face.

Nikki and her new acquaintance Pike are making out in the living room when he spots Scarlet coming out of a bedroom with Nikki's huge bra. She found it in her own laundry. Scarlet hands it over and goes back to her room. Pike stares. He is hooked and Nikki can tell.

It made sense for Nikki and Scarlet to share a place even though Pike thinks they're opposites because Nikki's "conservative," as he puts it, and Scarlet loves the Goth look. Maybe they are opposites but opposites attract. And they share a love of big tits and hot sex with hung studs.

Their make-out flow interrupted, Nikki abruptly decides to walk her dog and gets up. This leaves Pike to walk into the hallway and spy on Scarlet brushing her hair. He turns around and finds Nikki looking at him. Caught! The old dog trick always works on big tit hounds.

No problem! Nikki is hot for Scarlet too. She just didn't need to tell him earlier. She goes into Scarlet's room and whispers in Scarlet's ear. They look with teasing eyes and lips at Pike standing in the hallway. Then they start making out on her bed, sucking nipples and finger-rubbing pussies. Scarlet begins to eat out Nikki's wet snatch in front of Pike who looks like he's just had a concussion.

He needs an blunt invitation so Nikki tells him to come over to the bed and bring his hard cock. Pike revives and walks over so Scarlet and Nikki can pull his pants down and get a grip on his fuck-stick. The two tit-goddesses take turns sucking him off as he stands. They get him on his back so they can hover over him and Hoover his shaft and swelling nuts, making popping sounds with their cock & ball sucking lips. This is truly hooter heaven. Somebody up there must like this dude.

Scarlet climbs on board first and gets her hips gyrating once Pike's pole is up her pink pussy. Then it's Nikki's turn to get pounded. The torrid threesome take turns fucking, sucking and finger-banging in different positions as their dirty ride approaches cum town. This afternoon didn't turn out so bad after all.

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