Morgan Leigh – Morgan Leigh in Big-Tit Glory Hole

Morgan Leigh in Big-Tit Glory Hole

Date Published: Sep 4th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 12:05 Minutes

The great, now-retired Morgan Leigh never did an all-the-way XXX scene with a real cock, and after seeing her in this scene with a fake cock, I realized how unfortunate that was. Actually, I knew it all along. I have never, ever seen a girl handle her tits and pussy the way Morgan does. You know how professional athletes--whether they're baseball players or basketball players or soccer stars--handle the tools of their trade in a more natural way than other people? Almost as if the ball or bat is a natural extension of their arms or feet? That's how Morgan is with her tits and pussy. That's how she is in her only tits 'n' tugs scene with a real cock in Tits 'n' Tugs 3. And that's how she is here with a fake cock in a wild scene from the DVD Big-Tit Glory Hole.

In Big-Tit Glory Hole, Daphne Rosen, Danielle Derek, Jade Feng and Denise Derringer suck off mystery guys through glory holes then fuck them. Since Morgan didn't want to do boy-girl--hey, she had her reasons--we paired her up with a fake cock (attached to a real person). Roger Pipe of RogReviews said of this DVD, "There is enough great tit footage to keep the SCORE fans happy, but this movie also works as a pure jerk off fantasy. In this chapter, special guest star Morgan Leigh looks like a sex fantasy made flesh. Her impossibly huge breasts jut straight out like a Fantasy SCORE painting. Her hair, make-up and fetish slut-queen lingerie are pure beat-off imagery."

He goes on explaining the blow-by-blow action, but I'll just say that this scene is nothing less than you'd expect from one of the greatest fantasy girls SCORE has ever had. You know, I'd generally be reluctant to stick my cock in a hole without knowing who or what is on the other side, but I just might take my chances with Morgan.

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Morgan Leigh – Jackumentary: Morgan Leigh

Jackumentary: Morgan Leigh

Date Published: Jun 30th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 01:18:56 Minutes

SCORELAND honors Morgan Leigh, a slinky blonde British girl from Edinburgh who took to the SCORE way during Boob Cruise 2000 where she was a passenger. So inspired by the models she met, Morgan decided to become a SCORE covergirl herself and accomplished her goal and more.

We look back at now-retired Morgan's activities in this special video such as her SCOREtv appearance, her only Tits & Tugs, her various videos, trying on tops with Summer Sinn, her chats and more. It would take a seven hour mini-series to include everything this popular and bubbly Scot did.

"The Boob Cruise changed my life quite literally. I gave up a career in the food industry and became a model and a dancer. I did a lot of modeling in Europe both professionally and for amateur photographers before I reconnected with SCORE. I danced in a number of clubs in the UK also. Being in SCORE was a goal since 'I saw the light' on the Cruise."

"People are fascinated about my boobs. They are quite a talking point with a lot of people. They have also given me loads of opportunities. The main thing is they are perfect and the way I wanted them. I love them. They're big and very round, giving me the Barbie figure I want."

"Having been a spokesmodel with both Daphne Rosen and Danielle Derek at the SCORE exhibit in Las Vegas in 2007 during the Adult Video Expo, I would have loved to pose with both of them again. It would have also been fun to have done something with one of the models from the Boob Cruise, if they remembered me."

"I loved playing with myself on-camera. I loved going out on-location. I loved people watching me. It gives me an extra thrill to know that I'm being watched. I think every model has to be a little bit of an exhibitionist. We're showing off our bodies for the entire world to see! That takes courage! So all I can say to the guys at home is encourage the girls, don't discourage them.

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Morgan Leigh – Morgan Leigh, juggy doll

Morgan Leigh, juggy doll

Date Published: Mar 7th, 2014
Full Scene Duration: 11:06 Minutes

When the video opens, super-slim, super-stacked Morgan Leigh is wearing a yellow bikini, and the sight of her in that garment is absolutely cock-hardening. I don't think you'll find a girl in the world who looks better in a bikini than Morgan. Bikinis were made for girls with tiny waists and big tits, and Morgan has both.

By this point, you might be thinking, "If Morgan just sits there in her bikini, that would be enough. I can get off on that." But then the bikini comes off--actually, Morgan just pops her giant, pointy tits out--and Morgan does the other thing she does so well: play with her pussy and fuck it with giant dildos. For pussy dexterity, Morgan gets an A+. I've never seen a girl handle a dildo as well as Morgan does. So this girl is great at two things: wearing a bikini and fucking her pussy with dildos. Actually, she's good at one other thing: just standing there looking 100% jackable.

"I love playing with myself on-camera, and I love going out on-location and people watching me," Morgan told me. "I wear little tops and tube tops, and they always fall off. It's quite funny. I mean, I'll be walking down the street and a boob will pop out, and everybody will be watching and pointing. And I always wear bikinis to the beach, and my bikinis are really not the right size for me, and they quite often fall off. That's quite a scene, too!"

I can imagine. I also often imagine what Morgan would have been like in a hardcore scene. Hot as blazes, I'm guessing. But the furthest she ever went on-camera was a SCORELAND tits 'n' tugs scene. Then again, I'm saying hot as blazes, but can anything be hotter than Morgan fucking herself with a plastic cock. You know, sometimes you don't need the real thing.

Morgan, who sailed on Boob Cruise 2000 when she was significantly less busty, is retired now and I'm sure she is causing hard-ons wherever she goes.

Have you noticed that I do a lot of imagining when it comes to Morgan? She can do that to a guy, make him think dirty thoughts. And she's proud of it.

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Morgan Leigh – Busty swinger

Busty swinger

Date Published: Aug 16th, 2013
Full Scene Duration: 17:01 Minutes

I'm going to let you in on some inside information that won't become news for several months, when the January 2014 issue of SCORE goes on-sale: Morgan Leigh is a nominee for the SCORE Big-Boob Hall of Fame. That's quite an achievement for a girl who got her start when she sailed on Boob Cruise 2000 and only imagined having a body like some of the girls on the ship. Morgan super-sized, became a top dancer in her native England and went on to become 2006 Newcomer of the Year. I think she has one of the greatest slim 'n' ultra-stacked bodies ever.

"The 2000 Boob Cruise changed my life," Morgan said. "I gave up a career in the food industry, and now I've done a lot of modeling in Europe and the U.S. Being in SCORE was a big goal for me, and being Newcomer of the Year was something I never could have imagined."

Of course, the bad news about Morgan being a nominee for the Hall of Fame is that she has retired. That's the only way to get in. Elliot's heart is broken too. So, I'll mourn the fact that I've seen the last nude photos and videos of Morgan while being very happy about what she gave us. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that no girl has ever handled a dildo and her pussy like Morgan does.

"That's because I practice a lot!" Morgan said.

In this scene, Morgan is wearing a tube top and tight short-shorts. She strips naked and starts fucking her tight pussy with a big, blue vibrator. Afterward, Morgan told me that the sensation of toying herself on a moving swing was more fun than she thought it would be.

"I love playing with myself on camera, and I love going out on location and people watching me," she said. "It gives me an extra thrill to know that I'm being watched. I think every model has to be a little bit of an exhibitionist. We're showing off our bodies for the entire world to see!

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Morgan Leigh – Patriotic Pud-Drainer

Patriotic Pud-Drainer

Date Published: Mar 22nd, 2013
Full Scene Duration: 21:53 Minutes

Two things are for sure: Morgan Leigh's huge jugs in this flag bikini will make your cock say,"God Bless America!" and when someone like Morgan comes your way, you pretty much drop everything to give her what she wants. You see, Morgan was on the beach all by her lonesome, just frolicking in the surf, making her bazookas jiggle (as all busty women should do at all times) and she spots a good-looking guy and his girlfriend on the rocks, nearby. She takes in the scene and realizes that this guy's girlfriend doesn't even bother to show some skin and that her tiny tits are no match for her huge tatas. So she saunters over and asks if he will rub some oil on her, um, back. We are sure that this guy gets shit for it, but we'd say fuck it and go for it, too. Wouldn't you? He rubs some lotion on Morgan, but before long, he is rubbing on her titties, too. She believes in tit for tat because she helps him rub one out, too, but instead of her hands, she uses her cock-holders, er, tits. This is one patriotic pud-draining that we are sure you will salute with your cock, too.

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Morgan Leigh

Morgan Leigh

Also known as: Sarah Louise, Morgan Leigh, Liza, Sara, Sarah
Born: September 11, 1975
Chester, Cheshire, England
Years active: 2001-present
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Measurements: 42″-23″-34″
Bra/cup size: J
Boobs: Enhanced (silicone implants)
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 110 lb (50 kg)
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Short, Straight
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Shaved
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation, Dildo
Lesbian: Softcore

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Morgan Leigh – Morgan Leigh’s Only Tits ‘N’ Tugs Scene

Morgan Leigh's only tits 'n' tugs scene

Date Published: Nov 06th, 2012
Full Scene Duration: 21:51 Minutes

If you had asked me a year and a half ago which SCORE Girl who has never done hardcore would be best at doing hardcore, I would have said Angela White, and then I would have said Morgan Leigh. Angela, of course, finally took the hardcore plunge (four times, in fact), but the scene you're about to see is Morgan's only with a guy, a tits 'n' tugs scene in which Morgan, clad in a bikini that her J-cup tits are destroyinng, yanks and tit-fucks a real dick and jacks his load all over her tits.

There are several reasons I think Morgan would have been so good at doing hardcore. First, she's extremely comfortable in front of the camera. Second, she has a dirty mind. Third, she has one of the nicest pussies I've ever seen. And, most of all, I've never seen a girl handle a dildo like she does. Never, ever in the history of SCORE has a girl fucked her pussy with dildos (and fingers) the way Morgan does. And if she's that good with a dildo, I can imagine how good she is with a cock.

"Very good," she once told me in her sexy British accent. "And I'm good with them for the same reason I'm good with dildos and vibrators: I practice a lot!"

Morgan, like Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns, said she would do an on-camera tits 'n' tugs scene once and only once, so we knew we had the best of it. A bikini, a beach and Morgan at her lusty best made for a great scene. It's a true fantasy scenario with Morgan walking up to a guy on the beach and offering him a hand party.

"I like the thought that my boobs give someone so much pleasure," Morgan said. "It's not so much power with me. I like to pleasure someone and make them feel good. I can make a man cum in two minutes, less than two minutes, just by showing my tits to him, before he even touches me, just by me playing with my boobs. It's power, but it's more that they're getting satisfaction from me. I think that's one of the reasons men like me so much. I'm not selfish in bed. I'm more of a giver than a taker!"

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