Jade Feng – A Chinese Maid Made In China

A Chinese maid made in China

Date Published: July 03rd, 2012

Full Scene Duration: 18:36 Minutes

There’s a knock at your door. You open it and see a super-stacked Asian gal wearing a maid’s uniform. And you had expected some bull-dyke of a cleaning woman. This fantasy woman is a Chinese bra-buster named Jade Feng, and her massive tits enter your house before the rest of her body does. Jade is not here to launder your cum-stained shorts. She is here to tongue-wash your hard beef roll and spread her legs wide to enjoy your moo goo guy pork and fuck sauce.

Jade lives in America but was born and raised in China before relocating to the States. She is the first girl in SCORE to be literally made in China. And she is a very horny woman who loves attention and has a personal breast fetish that rivals that of most dedicated boob men. She probably knows more about tits and bras than a bra manufacturer and loves wearing sexy and tight outfits.

“I was thinking it might be fun if SCORE did a special article about how the girls look with clothes on out-and-about on the street,” Jade once said to me. “Of course, SCORE is about naked girls, but many guys get off on seeing really busty girls with everyday clothes on.”

When SCORE had booths at the annual Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Jade would spend a lot of time there meeting the fans. I used to cover that convention, and in 2003 wrote, “It’s very nice to see how friendly Kayla Kleevage, Minka and all the other titty gals are to her. They welcome Jade Feng like they’ve known her for years.” She really enjoyed the recognition and appreciation the crowds showed her.

Jade was inspired to super-size her tits by checking out the SCORE Girls. She wanted to be a part of that world. After Minka with her 44KK hooters, Jade is the biggest Asian titter in the world.

“I am about 44-27-36 and I should wear a 36K bra, but no companies I know of make that size,” Jade told me after a shoot. “I have to buy bras like a 44DDD, which is about the same as an F-cup, then I have to cut the main back-band to make it shorter. Then I have to sew the hooks back on to complete it. I can also wear a 38F, but it is too tight!”

Before she even made her first XXX video, Jade was a super-horny lady who loved cock and being fucked in straight-up hot sex. No lovey-dovey neck-kissing for her.

“Someone who’s willing to go for a couple of hours is what satisfies me. I also get very excited when a man can’t hold back and cums on me. That excites my mind also. I like to receive lots of oral. I like to have my clit sucked with a big vibrator in my pussy at the same time.” She would get lots of letters every time she appeared in SCORE. “I got a lot of funny sex mails because of it. I had a fun time reading them all. But big dicks are not her priority. “I have had good sex from small or large cocks. It depends on how good of a lover it’s attached to.”

E.W. once wrote us to say that, “If not for Minka, Jade Feng would most likely rank as the top Asian sex star. I love her big tits and hairy pussy.” Cummaster commented that “I dream of titty-fucking those big, fake tits and shooting a load of cum between them.”

Jade retired from adult modeling a few years ago, but I’ve always felt that she will make a comeback one day. When that day will come, I can’t predict. These days, Jade creates Chinese recipes and enjoys making cooking videos. She’s fully dressed in these, but, as always, she really cooks. The Food Channel should give her a show.

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